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I was lost without a purpose
for over a decade.

For over a decade, I mindlessly followed everyone else around me. I did what I saw others doing because I thought that will make me happy and successful. I even went through medical school and became licensed only to realize that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.
I wandered around without intention, and lost without a purpose - not knowing what will make me happy.
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I was plagued with anxiety
for over 18 years.

I used to be anxious about everything in life, but especially about relationships. Bullying, trauma and tough life experiences led me to doubt myself at every step, and became a people pleaser to make sure I was meeting everyone’s expectations, even when I ignored my own needs.
I felt that I needed to always go above and beyond to prove my worth.
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I felt alone and unloveable
When that was all I cared for.

Not knowing my worth for years, having high anxiety and self doubts, and believing that I wasn’t good enough damaged my relationships and friendships. My relationships were not genuine and were often unhealthy.
Despite being surrounded by people, I felt lonely and misunderstood.
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I lived hand to mouth for 8 years
to pursue my passion in life.

When I finally started to be intentional with my life, it helped me understand my value in relationships. I started to explore my passion in life, but the transition wasn’t easy. I had to do let go of superficial relationships to build new, authentic ones. I had to live hand-to-mouth to carve out a path to my passion.
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Things have changed since then,
and they can change for you too.

Being intentional with my life decisions and my relationships changed everything for me.
Dr Raghav Suri

Now I want to share this art of Intentional Living with you…

It won't solve your relationship problems on it's own, but...
It will give you the tools to build and nurture STRONG RELATIONSHIPS.
It won't make your dreams come true overnight, but...
It will BUILD THE DISCIPLINE, so you can make that happen for yourself.

It won’t make your problems go away, but…
It will give you the STRENGTH to deal and SKILLS with problems.

Being Intentional is a Lifestyle

4 Areas of Life

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