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Four Pillars of Intentional Living

to build an Intentional Mindset

Intentional living is all about developing an intentional mindset, which means approaching every decision in life with intention. It’s a mindset that’s grown by deepening your self awareness. So you can understand your needs, motivation, fears, and decision-making more deeply.


This awareness paves the path for stronger and emotionally fulfilling relationships. You understand and communicate your needs more effectively to develop authentic relationships. It also paves your growth and success path by helping you understand your passions, the drive and reasons behind those passions, and channel your motivation. These skills allow you to develop successful habits and persist through the bumps along your journey to success.

Developing an intentional mindset is an ever-evolving process, making it more of a lifestyle than a one-and-done thing. And the foundation of an intentional mindset is built on its four pillars:

  1. Relationship with self

  2. Meaningful relationships (with others)

  3. Purpose & growth

  4. Health and wellbeing

Meaningful relationships (with others)

To live an intentional and happy life, you need to have emotionally fulfilling relationships. We are social creatures, which means we need other people to survive and thrive. But relationships are like living, breathing things that need to be thoughtfully nurtured to keep them alive and healthy.

The nourishment for these relationships comes through effective communication, careful resolution of differences, and being intentional about growing together - as a couple, as a team, as a community.

Grief & Break-up
Family relationships
Healthy friendships
Romantic relationships
Effective communication
Conflict resolution

Health & Wellness

Everything in life is only enjoyable while you have your health. This is why physical and mental wellbeing is one of the four pillars of intentional living. Being in touch with your inner world will help you understand how your motivation, productivity, and relationships depend on your one mind and body. By paying attention to your mental and physical wellbeing, you develop the cognitive and emotional resources that support the other three pillars of an intentional lifestyle.

Stress management
Mental wellbeing
Sleep health
Self care

Purpose & Growth

Finding our purpose in this life is an existential human quest. We all have an innate desire to find a purpose - something that we are good at and grow in that direction. This purpose and growth help us recognize and showcase our potential and feel important - in our own eyes and the eyes of those who we want to make proud.

Decision making
Personal development
Master your emotions
Successful habits

Relationship with self

You are the centerpiece of everything you experience, value, enjoy and love in life. This is why your relationship with yourself is the bedrock for everything else - every other relationship in life.

Your relationship with yourself helps you understand how your life experiences have shaped you to be the person reading this. Your relationship with yourself paves the path not only to self-understanding but also to accept and embrace yourself.

To love yourself with all your strengths and faults - things that make you a unique person who will be liked by some, maybe even most people, but not by everyone. When you have a strong relationship with yourself, you will care less about being liked by everyone. You value the strong love of a few more than the superficial liking of many.

This is why you need to love yourself the way you want others to love you. Your relationship with yourself is what will attract others to bond with you.

Self awareness
Self love
Believe in yourself
You in relationships