If you're ashamed of yourself, read this!

You want to feel loved, you wanted to feel understood and cared for. That deep desire to be in a loving relationship, to belong and be a part of something bigger than you feels so good, it becomes so important that it becomes all that you focus on. Your relationship with others become so important to you, that you forget about the most important relationship in your life - The one with yourself. The relationship that’s not external, but exists within you.
How many times have you put aside what you need, what you want - just so that you can do what others want from you? How many times have you told yourself that what you want doesn’t matter as much as what they want?
Being caring and accommodating is good, but always putting someone else over your own self is not going to make them love you more, rather it tells them that they don’t need to care for you - because you will do what they say.
And they won’t change - because they are so used to getting what they want every time. But you have to - You can’t ignore your relationship with yourself for your relationship with others. If you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else. If you don’t care about what you need, why would anyone else care about you want?

Embrace the glorious mess that you are.
Elizabeth Gilbert
You are the only person who has always been there for yourself…. From your lowest points in life to the happiest moments. From the moment you wake-up to the moment you go to bed, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY of your life.
Your thoughts are a part of who you are, your feelings are a reflection of your inner world, your intuitions are a way of your mind trying to talk to you.
But all this is happening within you - this is your inner world, and that’s where your story begins - Not with a prince on a white horse or a princess in a garden, but with you finding yourself in your own world.
No other relationship in life can be build on a genuine connection, unless you bond with yourself first. How are you supposed to connect with someone else - to let them truly see you for you are, to accept and love you,, when you don’t know who that someone is yourself,
Or worse, when you don’t even accept you yourself - When you are so critical of yourself - for not having a six pack, for not being rich, for not being perfect - that you start to feel ashamed of who you are.
I want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect. That no one is perfect, regardless of how perfect others seem on the surface. At best, it means is that they project confidence, that they are peace with who they are.
And you too can develop that AMAZING bond with yourself - that can channel your confidence, can show your strengths and good sides without being fixated on the parts that you don’t like, but most importantly, you can give yourself a chance to build genuine relationships by showing people you really are - the relationships that will make you genuinely happy.
But it all starts with you. It starts with you building a relationship with yourself, and starting to see and accept every thing about you that makes you -you. The ones that you like, and also the ones that you don’t like. Because at the end of the day, there’s no good side of you or a bad side of you - It’s you, and you’re awesome - You have something to offer to the world, to people in your life, and most importantly - to yourself.
You owe it to yourself to let your inner child feel some of that self-love and compassion that you have been seeking from others, but is really just something that you need to first to do for yourself.

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