If you feel anxious for no reason, Read This!

Do you ever feel stressed or anxious but aren't able to figure out why? These unexpected nerves can be traced back to one of two causes. First is that your mind was ruminating over something that happened - maybe something you said or did that you were playing over and over again in your head. And the second is being worried about something that you have to do - anticipating something that you want to go a certain way.
We often worry about things that are in the past or in the future. And when you keep stressing about something over and over, you eventually get to the point where you no longer remember what the stressor was, but the neves stay with you. And along with them, the unease and the restlessness remain with you.
So what can you do to calm yourself when you're expressing such stress or anxiety, or even anger? Let me share a very simple technique that can help you quickly ground yourself in that moment. And that key is to bring your focus from that past or that future to the present. The moment you are in at that point of time.
So here's what you need to do to quickly ground yourself - Pay attention to all your five senses. Find 1 thing around that you can see that makes you happy, one thing that you can touch that has a meaning for you, one thing you can smell that brings you calmness, one sound that you can hear in that moment, and 1 thing you can taste. And once you have done that, close your eyes for a moment, and take a single, most nourishing breath of your day.
This way, you engage all your five senses with a single focus for each sense at that moment. You bring your attention to what you experience with each of these senses and make that experience calming or joyful. This quick and simple practice will help you ground your mind in the present rather than being stuck in the past or the future.

There is only way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.
And that breath - the single deep breath that you took at the end helps you feel calm and relaxed in your body. It fills your lungs with more air, forcing your heart to slow down - providing more nourishment to your mind and body while grounding you at the same time.
So there it is - a simple secret that takes less than a minute to practice. Something that you can do anywhere, anytime, whenever you feel at unease.

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