Self Awareness and relationships - VULNERABILITY and Better COMMUNICATION

How can self awareness help with communication, and can improve your relationship all around? 
Self-awareness means different things to different people, but what is true and common is that most people think of self-awareness as something that only has to do with their views and understanding about themselves.
What if I were to tell you that in reality self-awareness not only impacts your relationship with yourself, but also your relationship with your loved ones - in two main ways, and by paying attention to these two ways can help you better nurture, and shape your relationships the way you want them to be.
The first way self-awareness impacts you and your relationships is by helping you understand why you have certain fears, sensitivities, or even insecurities. Why you have like things done a certain way? And why, some words and acts mean more to you than others.
For example, a person who grew-up feeling that they don’t fit-in might be sensitive about how others see or think about them.Or, someone who might have bad memories with a place might not want to visit that place
These are of course pretty obvious examples, but things can get pretty nuanced as well. For example, there are four styles in which we connect and bond with other people, and each of these four styles can be traced back to the relationships that we grew-up around as kids.
These styles and experiences can impact impact what your mind thinks about and works in a relationship - your ideas of how people act and talk, and things they do in a relationship form very early on.
Of course, they are impacted over time with you watching your friends, their families, or even movies. 
As we develop self-awareness, we start to understand our own needs and likes, or even fears and insecurities better. It prepares us much better to embrace and own the things we like, and feel confident in ourselves, and communicate our own expectations from others.
And stick we me through the end of this video, as I will share two steps to use this awareness to start improving your relationships today.
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Now, The second way self-awareness impacts how you think, and what you desire in a relationship is your experiences in your past romantic relationships.
This is where the self awareness really comes into play. Reflecting on what worked for you in your past relationships and what didn’t work can really help you understand yourself and your current relationships better.

Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.
Did your relationships lead you to being more guarded? Did they help you start trusting others more? Did they help you understand things that are important to you? Maybe emotional support, or communication, or cleanliness? Or, did they help you learn about things that you thought mattered to you, but you realized that they don’t as much.
Now you might be wondering - how to use all this awareness to make your relationships better? As promised, let me share two step that will help you achieve this goal with your partner:
The first step that will help you use this self awareness to build a strong, healthy relationship with deep, secure roots is "Becoming vulnerable"... which of course sounds way easier than it actually is!, we don’t like to be vulnerable, even with people we love and who love us bac
The fact is that our experiences don’t just shape our fun memories and happy desires. They also lead to our insecurities. And the thing with insecurities is that they are so personal - they often only make sense to us. They are often only visible to us.
So while this vulnerability might be difficult for you, it goes a long way for both you and your partner to understand why some things can trigger a strong emotional response from you, that might not be a big deal for your partner.
It also helps you remember that your partner might look at things you’re sensitive about differently, and that they aren’t trying to intentionally hurt you. That goes a long with managing defensiveness and frustrations in a relationship.
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Now on to the second step in using self awareness to improve your relationships is: Communication!
This might seem easy and obvious, but without intentional efforts, it’s easy to let this one slip, which can often lead to assumptions and unspoken expectations, which aren’t fair.
Instead of just sharing what you want, or what you don’t like, I would encourage you to take it a step further with your partner, and share with them - the why? Tell them why you feel insecure about something, or why something makes you happy.
This will not only help them understand the context behind who you are today, but will also help you both connect at a much deeper level, and feel closer to one-another.
So those are the two steps for channeling self awareness to improve your relationships - Communicate your preferences and the why behind them, and be vulnerable with one another.

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