Should You Listen to Your HEART or MIND?

The age-old question of whether you should listen to your head or to your heart?
And the reason it's such a difficult question is that the question itself is deceptive. What it really does is show this artificial dichotomy that we have created, where we have pitched parts of ourselves against one another.
It's really an awful dichotomy that's talked about in society with such a shocking frequency. Tell me if you have heard people say, oh, you shouldn't listen to your heart - it will cause you problems. Or that you overthink and rationalize things too much, you should attend a little more to your heart.
So let's talk about why this way of thinking is so problematic?
First things first, the heart doesn't think - it's just a circulatory organ. Its whole function is to make sure that every part of your body gets a sufficient blood supply.
But the essence of this question is whether you should listen to your emotions or use more of your rational thinking to make decisions in life.
Now both - your thoughts and emotions come from the most important part of your body - your brain. The studies of the brain show that, broadly speaking, the right side of your brain is heavier on emotions, and the left side of the brain is responsible for rational thinking.
So with the question of should you listen to your thoughts or emotions more, what you're really asking is which side of your brain is more important - the left side or the right side?
To answer that question, let me ask you this first - If you take a brain and you split it in half - the right and the left, which one will have a better chance of survival?

Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.
Alex Haditaghi
Neither of them is going to be able to survive without the other. And just like you need both sides of your brain to function together, you need both rational and emotional perspectives to live happily.
The real key - the secret lies in the balance - the balance of the head and heart. The balance of the rationale and emotional parts of your mind, that's the key.
The separation of head and heart really comes down to the dictation by society on how you should live your life. We learn this habit of comparing anything we desire to all the messages that others have told us our whole life. You should do this, or you must take that path instead.
And if you are struggling against these shoulds and musts, then ask yourself one question - why? Why should you not listen to your heart? Is there a part of you that believes that the things that you want could end up hurting you? Is it worth the risk?
But a question that's perhaps even more important is where are your shoulds and musts coming from? Is it something from your own experiences? Or are they dictated by others? Be intentionally aware of what's causing the conflict between what you want and what you believe you should do.
And once you become aware of that, you'll see that it's not really a head vs. heart question, but rather it's a risk vs. potential question.
What is the risk of following your heart, and is what you want worth that risk? And that's what the balance of your rational and emotional mind looks like. Where you pay attention to what your heart desires, and weigh the cost of pursuing that path, against all the fears of your rational mind.
You have to have both of them to live a holistic life. A purely rational decision will lack passion and motivation, and a purely emotional decision will lack roundedness and thoughtfulness.
Every decision in life is a risk analysis. With every decision that you make, you always have something to gain and risk getting that gain. So, the real question that you have to ask is if what you want is worth the risk you have to take?

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