Unhealthy Relationships DRAINING Your Energy? A Motivational MUST READ!

Some relationships in life are so fulfilling that you when you spend time with these people, you feel energized because you can feel the support and care - the genuine bond with that person. But then there are relationships that drain your energy - that leaves you feeling more tired and exhausted, physically and emotionally. 
It’s true that no relationship is easy, and every relationship needs nurturance - but when you’re in the right relationship, even the compromises leave you feeling happy and fill you with love and hope. A relationship is supposed to be supportive and emotionally fulfilling - Something that helps you feel happy and grow in all areas of your life.
But, if you’re in a relationship that’s draining all your energy, where you are withdrawing from all your friends, you’re putting your work and dreams aside - then it’s a sign of a relationship where you are loosing yourself so slowly that you might not even notice it.
So often we get caught in a relationship that we know is unhealthy for us, but we have invested so much of our time, and we our emotions so involved, that we choose to ignore all these red flags.
It is time for you to hit the pause button and reflect on the person that you used to be, and the person that you are today. How did you go from being that person to the person you are today. It is time for you to start finding yourself again.

We accept the love we think we deserve.
Stephen Chbosky
A crucial part of this whole process is to take a step back and reflect on what used to make you happy, what used to bring joy, and why did you stop engaging in them? When did you start moving away from used to get you energized?
And of course, it’s time to start doing those things again. You have been ignoring yourself for so long, that it’s past due time for you to start re-investing in yourself.
Reach out to your friends that you have been pushing aside for so long. Ask yourself what are you REALLY passionate about? What gets you excited and fills you with rays of joy and happiness?
When you develop and nourish your relationship with yourself, you won’t be looking for someone else to fill those gaps.
There is a difference between needing someone and wanting someone. Don’t be with someone because you need them to feel complete or to support your dreams. Build your relationships with yourself first - So that you can be with someone who you don’t need, but you still want to. That’s the surest sign of a true bond and a true relationship - When you choose someone, not because you need them, but simply because you want them. 
And once you stop telling yourself that you need someone to feel happy, to feel complete, you will notice that life slowly starts to change on it’s own. People who thrive on taking advantage of you, or keeping you down will slowly start to get out of your life as they see that you are no longer dependent on you.
And people who are drawn to your real energy, to your aura and your confidence, will start to come into your life - because they will be able to see the real you, and build genuine, fulfilling bonds that help you grow even more, rather than draining and exhausting you.

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