What does Self Awareness Mean?

What exactly do people mean when they say "self awareness"?
The best way to understand self-awareness is having the insight about yourself - Who are you? Who are you as a person - your personality, your preferences, and your outlook on life.
But it doesn't end there. That's a really good starting point for self awareness, but from there you can go deeper. So not only understanding who you are as person, but also:
How you came to be who you are today?
How your life experiences have shaped your strengths, your sensitivities and insecurities, and what you like and what you don't like.
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And the final layer of self awareness involves, understanding the impact of all these experiences that shaped your desires, personality, and who you are today, to really understand:
How they impact your self-view, which means how you see yourself - what you like and don't like about yourself?
How they impact your relationships and other people around you - who do you invite and welcome in your life, and how you interact and engage with them?
And finally, how they impact your life choices - from your lifestyle and values, to your passions and motivations.
So now that you know what exactly is self awareness, the next obvious question is why does it matter? Why does self awareness matter? And that's exactly what I answer in this article (or watch the video).

Self-awareness is a key to self mastery.
Gretchen Rubin

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