Why is self awareness important?

Why is self awareness important, and how can you get started on deepening yours?
To understand how self awareness can help you make feel more confident, motivate you to follow your passions, and help you make your relationships stronger and healthier, you first need to know understand self awareness really means.
I talk about what self awareness is in one of my videos, but in short, developing self awareness means understanding who you are, and how you came to be who you are. Why you are who you are today - what life experiences have made you the person who is watching this video?
This sort of understanding, this awareness about yourself can completely change three areas of your life:

1. How you see yourself  

Understanding how you came to be the person who you are today can be pretty powerful. It helps you develop compassion for yourself by reminding you all that you had to overcome to be where you are today, and to keep going on the path you are traveling now.
This compassion, this understanding helps see what makes you unique. No one else will ever have the same set of unique life experiences as you - and in turn, no one else will ever have the exact same perspective on things or take on life. The more you are able to see this for yourself, more comfortable you start to be in who you are. The more you see your strength, your resilience, your passion, more you start to feel confident in yourself.
And all of this starts with you exploring and understanding how you came to be who you are today, which is another way of saying, developing your self awareness.

2. Your relationships

The more confident and comfortable you are with yourself - your confidence and comfort with yourself makes you more attractive to others. Self-awareness also helps you form deeper, more authentic emotional bonds with other, because it helps you be more authentically you. 
You're not trying to be someone else who think others want to be you, and by doing that, you bond with others who see you, accept you, and love you truly for who you are. This genuine, authentic bond is what you need to really feel connected and supported in your relationships - superficial relationships can be plentiful, but with superficial realtionships, you can still feel all alone, even when surrounded by people.
Another way in which self awareness significantly impacts your relationships is by allowing you to communicate your desires and values more effectively. The more you understand why you like or don't like something, better you can communicate what matters to you, and why it holds an importance for you. It also helps you see how other people in your life are different than you, so you can understand their life preferences, their desires, and things that are important to them better. These things and values just don't exist with a superficial take on life - they don't exist without awareness.

3. Your career ambitions

Self awareness helps you understand your passions - what things you are interested in, what things you are good at, and what is it that makes you passionate about a particular field, career direction or business aspirations.
It helps you understand your motivations, and stay motivated towards your goals. By understanding why your goals matter to you, you're more likely to have the clarity on what drives you towards your goal and passion. This clarity, this understanding is something you can lean on when you have doubts along the journey, or when you're going through the natural ups and downs of motivation.
Self awareness is also crucial in understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and accepting areas where you shine, and areas where you need help from others. This understanding is the backbone for any successful career path, and even more so if you have business or leadership aspirations.
By understanding your passions, your motivations, and your strengths, you can best guide your time and efforts towards the goals that matter the most to you, and where success will be waiting for you.
So which of these three areas of life are most important for you at this stage of your life? Share with me in the comments down below, and I'll reply to you there.
Bonus tip:
To get started on deepening your self awareness - Start with your why. Start with why you want to develop self awareness - what's your motivation?
That reflection in itself is the biggest piece of self awareness - it will instantly tell you what matters the most to you at this point of life, and where your motivations are, where you can draw inspiration from.
Knowing your why will help you understand what your inner self wants from you? What area of life are you seeking to grow in? What happiness in life are you seeking?
And that's an amazing place to start your journey to know yourself better.

Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing.
Lawrence Bossidy

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